Junior Drama Ensemble

The once a week after school drama ensemble is for primary age students.  Through the setting of a Royal Court, students will be exposed to dramatic play involving character, improvisation, and status. The class is designed to improve confidence and teamwork.  No prior experience of drama is necessary. Term 2 will culminate in an informal performance devised to the strengths of it's members.

Monday 3:45-4:25pm (40 minute class)

Senior Drama Ensemble

The once a week after school drama ensemble is for students age 12 and up. Students will work on individual monologues and group scenes from Shakespeares' "Midsummer Nights Dream". The story line is fun for teenagers.  In the fairy world, people fall in and out of  love, get dumped and misplace their affections with the speed of a modern day dating site.  Students will study the plot,  a variety of characters and explore Shakespeare's unique  comedic style.   The course sets out to demystify the famous playwright, by allowing each student to make meaning  of unfamiliar language and rehearse a  variety of comedic roles.

In  Term 2 students will perform their favourite polished  pieces to an informal audience. In the Senior Drama ensemble,  emphasis is on highlighting the individual strengths in role rather than mounting a group production.  In this course, a  high level of commitment to learning lines  each week, is expected.  "Scripts Down …...and show us"  will be the class catch cry!

Monday 4:30-5:10pm (40 minute class)

Classes will take place in the CUSA Hall in Muswellbrook (next to St James' Catholic Church) for the first 4 weeks of Term 1, 2016.

On 29 February 2016 classes will move to Campbell's Corner, 80 Bridge Street, Muswellbrook.

Early Childhood Drama - coming soon.

Course Overview

Early Childhood Drama is for Pre-schoolers. 4 is the  recommend age. Max 12 students

Students will work with other students and the teacher to develop dramatic situations with movement, mime and storytelling. Students will participate in imaginative play by taking on basic roles like kings, pirates, and robots. They will use props, costumes, and  music to assist in portraying roles and situations in symbolic play. They will learn how to take turns, be an audience and share the drama space with others. They will be exposed to the basic elements of drama  like contrast of loud/soft, fast /slow. Early Child hood drama allows the child to indulge in dramatic play and build confidence. There is no end of term performance or additional expenses. 

Parents may join the drama circle and participate as "side coaches" until the child settles into the drama routine. Once settled, parents are free to leave the children until pick up time. The emphasis is on quickly settling children in a learning environment. Parents are encouraged to be actively "present" during drama, and the lesson is a mobile free zone.

2016 commencement date to be announced.