Kindermusik @ the Con

Kindermusik @ The Con!


Kindermusik is an early childhood music and movement program based on the beliefs that:

• every child is musical,

• every parent is the child's most important teacher,

• the home is the most important learning environment,

• based on research, music nurtures a child's cognitive, emotional, social, language and physical development.


From birth through to seven years of age, your child can grow with Kindermusik without pressure to perform, only encouragement to explore, express and discover. You’ll see a developmental evolution in language skills, emerging literacy, listening, problem solving, social skills, self-esteem and musicality! For more than 20 years, Kindermusik has helped more than one million children and their families discover the joy of learning through music.


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Young Child program

Kindermusik for the Young Child, a four-semester curriculum, is the culmination of the Kindermusik experience – an all important step in your child’s musical growth. Young Child (for children 5 to 7 years) provides opportunities that can have many positive effects on various aspects of your child’s life. The following are some of the skills and experiences your child will develop and enjoy on his journey through Young Child.

  • Expanding vocal range and developing confidence in independent singing.

  • Building familiarity with specific pitches, musical modes and palettes

  • Fluent use of specific rhythm language, reading and performing simple rhythmic patterns

  • Developing expressive movement to experience and convey musical concepts

  • Learning to read and write standard music notation (treble clef melodic notation/rhythmic notation in 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 metre).

  • Familiarity with orchestral instruments and their families and knowledge of great composers in Western Art Music

  • Knowledge and familiarity of music from different cultures

  • Focused skill development and ability to play songs on three instruments: Glockenspiel (keyboard instrument experience); Dulcimer (stringed instrument experience); Recorder (wind instrument experience).

  • Knowledge of musical structures, expressive qualities, and understanding of the vocabulary to support knowledge.

  • Opportunity for creativity through composition, drawing and movement.

Young Child is not an end product but rather a bridge between the music play of early childhood and the more formal musical experiences of the middle childhood years. Kindermusik brings to your child a journey of learning through song, laughter, listening and performing. The journey of musical learning can last a lifetime!


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