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Emma Pask

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05 May 2018

Staff recital

A staff recital will be held to celebrate our 21st birthday. Come along to see your teachers perform! Buy tickets here  

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08 Jun 2018

Rachel Tolmie

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03 Aug 2018








Student Of The Month!

Congratulations to our March and April Students of the Month, 

bother and sister,  Nathan and Courtney d'Hotman





Nathan was nominated by his trumpet teacher, Sam Kennedy. Nathan is consistently enthusiastic in not only his individual lessons but also in both the Upper Hunter Concert Band and UHCM Orchestra. His participation in such groups is also to be commended; he will ask questions relevant not only to his instrument but also on topics such as seating of instruments and score reading. A budding conductor, perhaps?

Nathan is also very well-mannered and genuinely willing to help both students and staff in any way he can. Congratulations ,Nathan!


Courtney was nominated by her piano teacher, Katrina Constable. Courtney is a determined student, who thrives on surprising her parents and teacher with her work on sight reading practice pieces. Courtney has been diligently working on improving her hand posture and effectively phrasing her pieces as she works towards her 2nd grade exam. With a love of social activities, Courtney is an enthusiastic performer, and audience member, at the student recitals. 

Congratulations ,Courtney!






2018 Students of the Month

February - Sourabi Kugan (Drama)

March - Nathan d'Hotman (Trumpet)

April - Courtney d'Hotman (Piano)



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