Hunter Youth Choir

The Hunter Youth Choir will commence in the Upper Hunter region in 2015. The Choir aims to offer the very best choral experience for children and teenagers right across the Hunter Valley.


To teach music through a best practice choral music program which inspires a life-long love of song.


Members of the Hunter Youth Choir will

  • Learn to read music

  • Learn correct singing teachnique and an understanding of vocal health

  • Develop socially and artistically

  • Be nurtured as an individual in a creative, supportiveenvironment

  • Support and encourage all members

  • Inspire audiences with their performances


Term 4 2015

Muswellbrook: Mondays 3:45 – 4:45pm at the ‘Convent’ 8 Sowerby Street

Scone: Wednesdays: 3:45 - 4:45pm Scone Public School Hall, Liverpool St, Scone


Performance 2015


Sunday 22 November 3:00pm

End-of-Year Concert with the Upper Hunter Orchestra. St Mary’s School Hall, Scone.

How to Enrol

  • Read the Conditions of Enrolment contained in the 2015 Student Handbook (pages 5 and 6). Click here to download the 2015 UHCM Student Handbook

  • Complete the Enrolment Form and return to the UHCM office as soon as possible. Click here to download the form 2015 HYC Enrolment Form

  • You will be invoiced at the start of each school term.

Fees and Charges

Tuition Fee                  $110 per term

Annual Registration    $18 per year (payable once per family)

T-shirts                        $10 each (Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire, Diamond)

Sight Singing School Books

Parts A, B, C, D          $15 each


Structured Learning Environment

Kimberlite Choir

The first term of tuition will be fun, interactive and engaging. Choristers will be introduced to sol-fa handsigns and the musical stave. Songs are specially chosen for beginner vocalists and the educational value within a developmental music program. Choristers receive access to the Sight Singing School, an online interactive website where they can practise their singing at home.

Ruby Choir – Red T-shirt

Choristers join the Ruby Choir after the first term of tuition in the Kimberlite Choir. They wear a red T-shirt to weekly rehearsals and performances. Ruby choristers work from a text book, Part A of the Sight Singing School, Units 1 – 10.

Sapphire Choir – Blue T-shirt

When a chorister completes Part A of the Sight Singing School they progress to the Sapphire Choir. Choirsters progress at their own pace through Units 11-19 of the Sight Singing School Part B.

Emerald Choir – Green T-shirt

Members of the Emerald Choir can read music with confidence. Choristers work through Sight Singing School Part C at their own pace. When they complete Units 20 – 32 they join the Diamond Choir.

Diamond Choir – White T-shirt

Members of the Diamond Choir are maturing musicians with a good understanding of the voice as an instrument. They are a true performing choir giving performances independently of the other levels of the Hunter Youth Choir. They work from Part D of the Sight Singing School.

For more information about the Hunter Youth Choir, please call the Conservatorium on (02) 65414888 or send us an email: Contact Us